Something here became hot) said Natasha.
Katya pressed her lips close to his ear and whispered these words. Then Katya began to stroke Serezha's erect member with her hand, biting his ear.
I answered, without lying. No. I want your sperm to stay longer, I don’t experience this often. To get the dress wet, to dry everything on the thighs, on the ass.
I dressed a beautiful white lace underwear, for some reason today she wanted it precisely, stretched the tights, the tight skirt slightly above the knees, white blouse and on top of the jacket, high-heeled shoes, gently laid her hair and struck light makeup.
He put me in different positions and as if he couldn’t get enough, I don’t know how long it lasted, but after such violent sex there was no strength. Potov, looking at the clock, I saw that I had already hurried home to my husband. My husband met me at the door, I didn’t even have time to say anything, as he pounced and took me without words, harshly and passionately. I've never had anything like this before, two beautiful lovers and almost immediately. My head was spinning with excitement and pleasure. This was the first night I cheated on my husband with his permission and consent.
- Oh, and offer her your dress. Yes, for those who are single, there is nothing to do there at all. Are you thinking about doing her hair, that would be a scream. If she does, then a false tail.
“Aha ha ha ha…” Sen laughed again. — Not at all! You were born today! Congratulations! she repeated again, chanting every syllable and smiling from ear to ear.